December 21, 2015

What is Chiropractic?


Just like in the medical profession, Chiropractic has a vast amount of diversity and specialties.

In short: Vitalistic chiropractic is an innovative and holistic approach to health, promoting each cell to work as it should, in perfect equilibrium, via the nervous system. This then, allows for the optimal functioning of the joints, muscles, organs, glands and other tissues. Sounds like a lot eh?

It’s simple! Here’s how it works.

Our body consists of around 40 trillion cells. These cells are controlled by the master system of the body, the brain. The brain is able to relay information to the cells through the nervous system by sending electrochemical impulses through the spinal cord and out to the rest of the body to conduct every single cell to do it’s job.

Like any relationship, if there is 100% communication from the brain to all 40 trillion cells, then you feel fully alive. But this isn’t always the case. We all have stress in our lives, and it’s not always bad. However, when your body cannot process the stress efficiently, it causes a decrease in communication. It may be physical stress (tripping, falling, even sitting). It may be emotional stress (relationship, work, finances). Or it could be chemical stress (smoking, medications, vitamin deficiency).

When you are not able to process these stresses, they build up as layers of tension throughout your body. These tensional layers bring on what you recognize as symptoms, such as headaches, backaches, neck pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, etc. These symptoms are just signals from your body that something is not right. As a result, cells are unable to perform their jobs as intended.

Your health is based on your body’s ability to communicate. Through the use of gentle and specific contacts by the hands of a chiropractor, the tension is released and processed, allowing your body to restore communication so that you can ignite your power within to truly feel like you are living at your full potential. Are you ready to embrace your transformation?

Vitalistic chiropractic helps your body rebuild, reconnect and thrive!

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Our Chiropractic studio is in Torino (near the centre but right outside of ZTL).

If you’d like to learn about some more specific conditions that Chiropractic can help with click HERE!!

Chi è il miglior chiropratico a Torino? Non lo sappiamo ma quanto segue è quello che le persone dicono di noi.


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Lisa Zhang, Torino


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Dario Honnorat, Torino


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Alessio Marangella, Torino


Ciao a tutti, erano anni che soffrivo di mal di schiena, esami su esami e tutti i medici mi davano delle diagnosi diverse. Da ernia del disco a infiam...

Giovanni Bernascone, Torino


Una sola parola: consigliatissimo! Andrew e Tanya sono due dottori competenti e sono in grado di metterti a tuo agio. Si informano sul tuo stile di vi...

Andrea Robasto, Torino

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