July 29, 2016

Your first visit

Discover Optimal Living!

Optimal Living is a chiropractic studio near the centre of Torino, here we offer you the best holistic care of your body and nervous system, with a focus on recreating homeostasis, or an internal equilibrium in your body, allowing all the parts and processes to work in synchronicity and optimally. Of course that then allows you live without any limits of health, rather, you live your life full of energy the way it’s meant to be!

Prices of Chiropractic you ask?

To help start the new year off right, we are offering our first visit for only 65 € instead of 95 

Call now, take control of your health! 011.433.1657 

What should you expect from your first chiropractic visit?

During the first visit we will take about one hour with you, reconstructing your health history and lifestyle, followed by a neuromuscular exam to determine the functioning and state of your nervous system. Don’t worry, no x-rays and you don’t have to take off your clothes either!

Why your nervous system? Your nervous system is the control centre of the body, think of it like the radio control tower at the airport, it needs to send and receive communication from all the moving parts at the airport, or in this case within your body. And well if there’s some interference in that communication, you know what happens. In your body those errors in communication can manifest as pain, soreness, gastric reflux, constipation, fatigue, etc.

During the visit, you will hear the answers to frequently asked questions, and have the opportunity to discuss any problems and worries concerning your health and how to improve your quality of life. The first visit is organized in a way to help you understand better exactly what you can expect, and to help develop a plan of action specifically tailored to your needs and your objectives. (And why wouldn’t be, there’s nobody else like you!)

At the end of the visit, we will discuss our findings with you to help you understand what’s going on and how we can move forward so you can overcome any health issues, and improve your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. After we’ve discussed a treatment plan for you, if its necessary we will advise you on easy ways to optimize your lifestyle and prevention. Then, what’s left but to do your first adjustment!

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Chi è il miglior chiropratico a Torino? Non lo sappiamo ma quanto segue è quello che le persone dicono di noi.


I was in a bad car accident and had back and neck pain. While visiting Torino, I went in to see Dr. Tanya Dhaliwal and Dr. Andrew Vin to have it looke...

Lisa Zhang, Torino


Andrew mi sta curando con grande attenzione e abilità , ogni volta mi spiega e mi da suggerimenti di vita importanti! Lo consiglio a tutti. Anche s...

laura amelia, Torino


Professionisti davvero competenti, preparati e (ciò che più conta) molto attenti alle esigenze e problematiche di ogni singolo soggetto. Non posso p...

Daniela Zugno, Torino


Professionisti preparati a trattare ogni patologia nel migliore dei modi. Studio molto pulito, ambiente moderno e rilassante. Consiglio un trattamento...

Gianfranco M, Torino


Ottimo centro chiropratico, bravi, professionali, precisi. E' da tempo, in particolare, che Andrew lavora su di me, con ottimi risultati, risolti i va...

Giando Bonito, Torino

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